MotorPark rents the track to track-day event planners, motorsport competition organizers, motorsport clubs and federations, racing schools, car dealerships and other legal entities.

Individuals can only enter the race track by attending the events mentioned above.

During track-days or private events, individual can enter the track with their personal vehicles or motorcycles. We recommend, for a race type driving to use Racing type brake pads.

Protection helmet is mandatory for car access to the race track, both for the driver and passenger, no matter the nature of the event. We only allow the access of one car passenger, on the right side, with the condition that he/she is minimum 18 years old and wears a protection helmet.

The helmet and protection suit are mandatory for motorcycle access to the race track, no matter the nature of the event. Access with passengers on the race track is strictly forbidden!

MotorPark permanently updates the event calendar for the race track.

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