race track personal car/ bike access

Race Track Personal Car/ Bike Access

The access on the track for personal cars and motorbikes is permitted only on organized events, during MotorPark Experience or other track days for cars or bikes.

Please check our calendar for the available MotorPark Experience days or track days.

For MotorPark Experience events, you can register directly or vouchers are available for purchasing as presents. To register or purchase the vouchers, please contact us at +40722626191 or contact@motorparkromania.ro

MotorPark Experience Full Day Bike

Access on the track with personal motorbike, full day

- 6 sessions (4 x 20 minutes, 2 x 15 minutes)

- transponder is included

- The motorbike circuit leather outfit is compulsory (suit, helmet, gloves, boots), the registration plates will be taken out and the glass parts will be covered with tape (headlight, mirrors etc.)


 500 RON

  Details here

MotorPark Experience Full Day Car

Access on the track with personal car, full day

- 2 sessions x 3 hours = 6 hours

- transponder is included

- the price is for one pilot only

- the helmet is complusory, for pilot and for co-pilot (can be rented at the track, 80 RON the helmet + balaclava set)


  650 lei

   Details here