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Tip Eveniment: Track Day

Track Day for Cars - MotorPark Experience
- The day is divided into 2 open pitlane sessions of 3 hours each (free access to entry/exit on/off the track).

Access is based on a green vaccination certificate, a valid PCR test or a quick test on time, according to the rules imposed by the authorities.
The mask is mandatory indoors and in crowded areas.
In case of extremely unfavorable weather (blizzard, ice) the event will be rescheduled. Please call for confirmation

Terms and conditions of access (please access the links and read):
- Car racing helmet (open or closed) is mandatory for both driver and passenger. If you don't have one, you can rent it from the track.
- The anti-SARS-COV2 regulations in force at the time of the event must be observed

Payment in advance:
- Half a day (3 hours) = 400 RON. You must choose Open Pitlane 1 (10.00 - 13.00) or Open Pitlane 2 (14.00 - 17.00)
- All day (6 hours) = 550 RON.
- Registration procedure: you must send an e-mail to specifying: the name of the pilot, the number of sessions and a contact telephone number. Upon request you will receive the account in which to make the payment as well as any other necessary information. Payment will be made through PO/ internet banking
- ATTENTION! If you do not attend the event, the money will NOT be refunded and will NOT be used to account for another event. The amounts paid can be used in the behalf of another event only if this event is canceled by the organizer. There is no possibility to return the money.
- Last day for advance payment: February 24, 2021. After this date you can pay the full amount at the track.

Payment at the track:
- Half a day (3 hours) = 450 RON. You must choose Open Pitlane 1 (10.00 - 13.00) or Open Pitlane 2 (14.00 - 17.00)
- All day (6 hours) = 600 RON.
- Instructor on the right (6 laps with personal car) = 150 RON (must be booked in advance)
- Helmet + balaclava = 80 RON
- The price is per pilot.

- Transponders are included in the price and are mandatory

- Boxes can be rented at 550 RON/day/box, subject to availability.

Time schedule
- 09.45 Briefing
- 10.00 - 13.00 Open pitlane 1
- 13.00 - 14.00 Break
- 13.45 Briefing 2 (for those who did not participate in the first briefing)
- 14.00 - 17.00 Open pitlane 2

More information and registration at 0722626191 or