race track rules

MotorPark Romania - Race Track Rules

MOTORPARK ROMANIA wants every visitor to have a pleasant experience this is why we have created a set of basic rules for the duration of your presence inside MotorPark Motorsport Center.


  •  - Cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other personal transport vehicles can be parked only in the special designated area or in accordance with the circuit's personnel indications
  •  - In the boxes (garages) area and inside them, it is permitted only permitted the access of vehicles registered for the event and only for the time interval mentioned in the program.
  •  - Access of towing vehicles / vans / trailers and/or other transport vehicles is only allowed temporarily to the boxes, in the paddock, for unloading/loading of the vehicles participating in the event, then these will be moved to the special area designated for them.
  •  - Smoking is strictly prohibited on the pit lane and inside the boxes, and also inside other administrative buildings. Please pay attention to the NO SMOKING signs inside the motorsport center.
  •  - Access on the race track is only allowed to MotorPark staff and vehicles registered for the event in the interval mentioned in the daily program.
  •  - Access with pets inside MotorPark Motorsport Center (except the buildings) is allowed only if these are in leash and under owner surveillance for the entire duration of their presence inside the center.
  •  - Access of children inside MotorPark Motorsport Center is allowed only accompanied by an adult/ tutor/ person in charge.
  •  - Please have a respectful attitude towards MotorPark Staff.
  •  - Please have a respectful attitude towards the other visitors of the motorsport center.
  •  - Please do not carry with you any weapons, sharp objects, dangerous substances/objects, flammable substances/objects, alcohol or drugs.
  •  - Drifting and burn-outs are strictly forbidden on MotorPark grounds.
  •  - Please do not litter.