track access conditions for one day bike

Personal motorbike access for one day

The offer includes:

- access on the track for one day with personal motorbike (6 sessions - 4 x 20 min, 2 x 15 min)

- transponder for timekeeping

- the time is displayed on the screens at the circuit and also on the Speedhive app

- optional, print with the times recorded on the track


1. The offer can be purchased only by order at After sending your data (beneficiary's name, buyer's name, phone), you will receive an account number where the voucher value must be paid - it can be made by internet banking. After the payment is confirmed, you will receive the voucher; the beneficiary must come with it at the track. The voucher has open date for the season (if it is not specified otherwise), and the beneficiary must book the date in advance, the contact data being written on the voucher.

2. The offer is available only on one MotorPark Experience event with bike access. These events are programmed, usually, 2 times per month (during the season), the most of the times during the week.

3. One session has approx. 20 minutes (can be changed depending on the event dynamics)

4. The beneficiary must book in advance before coming to the track.

5. The voucher is for only one person (there are not accepted more riders on the same voucher)

6. In some days, the access can be or can be not available. We will send you a confirmation regarding the availability.

7. The voucher beneficiary must be 18 years old and have a valid A driving license.

8. Motorbike circuit leather outfit is compulsory (suit, helmet, gloves, boots), the registration plates will be taken out and the glass parts will be covered with tape (headlight, mirrors etc.)

9. The unused vouchers until the date written on them, they expire and their value can not be returned.