flags meaning

Flags meaning

Steag verde

Green flag

The track is clear.

Can be used e.g. after a section with yellow flag.

Steag galben

Yellow flag

Signals a danger on the track.

It is shown before the section with the problem. It is FORBIDDEN to pass other vehicles on the section with yellow flag. On this section, the participants must be ready to slow down and, if necessary, even to stop. There can be an obstacle, a stopped or a very slow moving participant.

Steag rosu

Red flag

Stopping the race or session.

The participants must slow down and enter the pit. It is FORBIDDEN to continue to run on the track.

Steag sah

Finish flag

Signals the end of the race/ session.

After passing the finish line, the participant must leave the track on the first exit to pit.

Steag albarstru

Blue flag

It is shown to a participant that is slower on the track and which it will be taken over by faster ones.

A slower participant must not incommode the faster participants that are on the track in the same time with him.

White flag

Signals the presence on the track of a slow vehicle (ambulance, intervention car etc.)

It is FORBIDDEN to take over the other participants on the section the white flag is active. It is allowed only the passing of the slow vehicle.

Steag dungi rosu-galben

Yellow and red vertical stipes flag

In the area where is shown, the adherence of the running suface of the track was affected by oil, water or other materials.

The participants must drive carefully.

Steag negru

Black flag + number of the participant

Can be shown in any moment during the race or session.

The participant with the respective number must enter the pit at the end of the respective lap and CAN NOT enter the track again if he/she has not the express permission to do that.

Steag negru cu bulina rosie

Black flag with a red circle + number of the participant

Shows the participant with the respective number that his/hers vehicle has a technical issue.

The participant has to leave the track and enter the pit.