access terms and conditions

Access Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions listed below are integrant part of the Personal Responsibility Statement which must be filed in to enter the track.

1.  The  Participant  takes  part  in  rides  on  the  race  track  at  his  own  risk.  The  Participant  takes  due note of and confirms that MOTORPARK ROMANIA, by its representatives (hereinafter  referred  to  only  as  “COMPANY”)  does  not  bear  any  liability  for damages caused  on  health  and  property  which  may  arise  for  the  Participant  or  to  a  third  person  due  to  the Participant’s ride. The Participant declares to be fully liable for any damages and losses caused by him/her. The Participant  is  obliged  to  act  in  a  way  that  there  will  be  no  harm  caused  to  the  health,  property,  nature  or environment with his/her ride and that he/she will behave with respect to the other riders/drivers on the race track  as  well  as  other  parts  of  the  premises  of  Motor Park Romania – Adâncata, Ialomiţa County  (hereinafter referred to as „RACE TRACK“). The Participant declares that he/she fully bears liability for the damages and harms  caused  by  him/her  during  the  ride  or  use  of  vehicle  on  the  race  track  and  other  part  of  the Race Track premises. The Participant declares to make all necessary precautions in order to reduce danger of  injuries  to  him/herself  as  well  as  other  persons  and  that  he  will  follow  the  instructions  of  the  Company representatives.  The  Participant  confirms that he/she knows the risks and dangers connected with the use of the track.
2.  The Participant takes due note of the fact that the race track is not a public road communication and that the legal  or  indemnity  insurance  /  accident  insurance  does  not  apply  for  the  rides  on  the  race  track  of Motor Park Romania Race Track.
3.  The Participant declares to be holder of a valid driver’s license; further that he/she is not and will not be during the  ride  under  influence or in possession  of  alcohol  or  any  other  psychotropic  substance,  as  well  as  not  in  state  of  impaired attention or concentration. The Participant agrees that the COMPANY is at all times of the Participant’s presence entitled to carry out an alcohol test within the area of the Race Track and the Participant may not refuse such test.  The  Participant  guarantees  that  the  vehicle  which  will  be  used  for  rides  on  the  race  track  is  in  good technical  state,  that  no  liquids  leak  out  from the  vehicle  and  that  the  tires  are  appropriately  inflated.  The Participant  takes  notice  and  agrees  that  Company has  the  exclusive  right  not  to  admit  the  vehicle  or  the Participant on the race track or to disqualify the rider/driver without compensation.
4.  The  Participant  declares  to  be  aware  of  the  existence  of  objective  danger,  unpredictable  circumstances  and general danger of the motor racing sports. Further the Participant declares that his/her  vehicle and his/her outfit meets  all  safety  requirements  set  by  valid  binding  instructions  and  documents  and that he/she is able to take part in the ride/drive with good health condition and with knowledge  of  all  technical  parameters  of  the  race  track.  The  Participant  shall  make  a  first  round  ride  with  a maximum  speed of  90km/h  (so  called  test  ride) to  get  to  know  the  parameters  of  the  race  track  and  its  surface characteristic.
5.  The  Participant  agrees  that  the COMPANY  (or  its  authorized  representative)  is  at  all  times  entitled  to  ban  the Participant  from  the  Race Track premises  if  there  is  a  doubt  that  the  Participant   has  not  respected  all conditions and provisions stated in this Declaration.
6.  The  Participant  takes  notice  that  the  area  of  the Race Track may  be  monitored  with  a  camera  system  (i.e. video  or  audio  recordings  can  be  made).  The  Participant  agrees  with  these  recordings  in  compliance  with previously  stated  sentence  as  well  as  with  the  use  of  such  recordings  (in  case  such  recording  will  show  the Participant’s person) for purposes of any judicial, criminal, administrative or other action (even as material of evidence),  as  well  as  proceedings  lead  by  bodies  of  state  administration  and  bodies  of  public  authority.  The Participant issues his approval to the COMPANY to  make  visual  (photographic)  and  audio-visual  recordings  of  the  Participant  within  the  area  of  the  Race Track  and  the  permission  to  use  such recordings by the COMPANY within/for promotion materials of the company and their distribution via all communication media (including internet). The Participant is, in the same time, obliged to respect rules as follows:
7.  Car drivers are obliged to use a seat belt and it is recommended to use a safety helmet. On motorcycle rides, the Participants are obliged to wear an overall with protectors, riding boots, gloves and a helmet. The outfit has to be designed for motorcycle rides.
8.  The race track may be accessed only from the designated places. The Participant is obliged to follow the instructions of COMPANY’s employees who are in charge of the race track operation and to ride  on the track only in the defined direction. Turning or reversing on the race track is forbidden. In case of a break down or a crash, the Participant has to pull over the vehicle to the side and to wait for the arrival of the tow car. Stopping or braking as  well as towing of vehicles on the race track are forbidden. The Participant must not obstruct rides on the race track.
9.  The Participant is obliged to adjust the ride and speed on the race track according to his/her abilities, the vehicle state, to the state of the  race track and to current climatic conditions.
10.  The  Participant  must  not  slow  down  on  the  race  track  abruptly  or  without  reason.  In  case  of  necessity, the Participant has to leave the race track safely.
11.  In case of a crash, the Participant is obliged to present the vehicle for a technical check, otherwise he/she will not be admitted again on the race track.
12.  The  Participant  shall  respect  the  start  and  the  end  of  the  ride  as  instructed  by  employees  of  the  COMPANY  in compliance with signaling. The Participant shall leave the race track immediately after the end of a ride.
13.  The Participant is obliged to drive/ride in such manner as not to threaten or limit other drivers/riders on the race track.
14.  During the whole time of stay within the premises of the Race Track, the Participant is obliged to follow the instruction  of  the  COMPANY  employees.  The Participant takes  over  the  responsibility  for  the  accompanying persons and for their behavior and possible damages and losses caused by them.
15.  The participant takes notice that he/she is entitled to enter only the parts of the Race Track area which have been explicitly specified as accessible by the COMPANY (or its entitled Representative) for the Participant, i.e. the participant gained explicit approval for entrance. 
16.  The  participant  is  not  entitled  to  make  visual  (photographic),  audio  or  audiovisual  recordings  during  his/her presence in the Race Track premises. Production of audio-video and photographic materials may be permitted only with previous approval from the COMPANY and may be subject to taxation.
17.  It is forbidden to smoke, drink alcoholic beverages and bring in dangerous objects or unsupervised children or animals into the boxes (garages) area. Maximum speed on the pit lane is limited to 60km/h.
18.  The participant has the right to file in to the COMPANY a claim against other participants in case of suspicion of unfair acting. The participant agrees that COMPANY has the exclusive right to solve claims and fully and implicitly respects the decision of the COMPANY including possible imposed sanctions.
19.  The organizer may organize a briefing to remind some of the conditions mentioned in the present document and to add the access conditions and the eventual special conditions. The briefing is not compulsory to be made or to be attended.
20.  The participant  declares that he/she is aware of all technical parameters of the race track and has read the Race Track Rules, the Terms and Conditions and the Flags Meaning on the website.
21.  The  Participant  is  obliged  to  respect  all  instructions  and  orders  given  by  the COMPANY as  well  as  persons authorized  by  the COMPANY  for  the  operation  of   the  Race Track including  the  prohibition  of  ruthless driving,  safety  instructions  and  flag  and  light  signaling.   The  Participant  is  further  obliged  to  respect  the maximum  speed  limit  of  30  km/h  at  the  parking  area  and  in the  same  time  the  participant  will refrain from rapid braking in the Parking area, (with exception of sudden braking out of reason of a  sudden obstacle in the driving direction of the vehicle), to refrain from sudden acceleration, intentional slipping and drifting. 
22.  The  Participant  is  obliged  to  respect  all  instruction  and  orders  of  the  COMPANY  and its representatives when removing broken vehicles. The COMPANY does not take over the liability for possible damages which may arise through this action.
23.  The participant agrees that the COMPANY processes his/her name, surname, date of birth, permanent address and email address with the purpose of: (a) verifying his/her identity and authorization to ride vehicles, (b) registering the  list  of  Event  Participants,  (c)  enlisting  this  information  into  the  database  (informational  system)  which  is administered by the COMPANY, (d) providing services and execution of transactions of the COMPANY, (e) elaborating  internal  analysis  and  statistics  of  the  COMPANY,  (f)  contacting  (providing  information), reminding and/or informing about Events and/or services offered by the COMPANY be it in the form of writings  sent  to  the  above  stated  contact  data,  (g)  using  the  specified  data  by  the  COMPANY  for marketing  and  providing  them  to  third  parties  which  will  cooperate  with  the  COMPANY on  the  organization  of events and which will be assigned by the COMPANY to carry out marketing activities for the benefit of the COMPANY with the approval of the Participant, as well as for the purposes (h) which are stated by the generally valid legal provisions and for the purpose of archiving this Declaration. Pursuant to this point, the Participant declares his/her approval with the facts stated herein for the period of 10 years from the date of signing this Declaration.  The Participant may withdraw his consent to use the information by means of a written cancellation of consent which shall be delivered to the COMPANY.
24.  The  Participant  declares  to  have  knowledge  of   the  use  of  flags  and  light  signaling as presented on the website.  He/she declares to have understood all content and shall respect all obligations of the Participants/rider stated hereto.
25.The  Participant  declares that he/she is physically and mentally able, his/ her eyesight (properly verified) are at least as good as needed for the driver’s license exam and he/she does not suffer of any other illness or disability which could endanger his/ her ability to drive/ride on the track and/or he/she is not aware of such situation of himself/ herself or the person (under 18) he/she is in charge with and who enters the track.
26. The Participant assumes all the obligations in the present document even in his/hers place another person enters the track, who did not sign a Personal Responisibility Statement
27. If the Participant has rented or received a transponder, he/she has the obligation to return it at the end of the event. If the Participant does not return the transponder or has deteriorated or lost it, he/she has to pay its price of 420 euro/pc.
28.The Participant agrees, according to the Personal Data Protection Policy and GDPR norms from 24th of May 2018 that: his/hers name and surname, data on his/hers vehicle, the country he/she represents, the times obtained during the events, to be displayed on the screens available on MotorPark Romania and also on internet, on and, on all electronic devices. The Participant can ask for all his/ hers legal rights regarding this subject.

In case any of these obligation specified in this Declaration (including point 21) will be violated by the Participant, the Participant shall pay a fine of 500 EUR (five-hundred euro, calculated in RON at the NBR exchange rate of that day) for each violation of obligations separately.

The Participant  shall immediately pay this fine  (before leaving the area of the Race Track) when asked by the COMPANY (or by a person authorized by the COMPANY) to settle the contractual fine. The Participant declares and confirms his/her approval that the COMPANY (or its authorized Representative) is at any time entitled to ban entrance into the area of the Race Track if there is a suspicion that the Participant has not respected all Participant obligations as specified in point 21 of this Declaration.

The Participant declares that, as far as he/she knows at this time, he/she does not suffer from any epilepsy, convulsions, memory loss, fainting or dizziness; discomfort in the back, neck or spine, fractures, weakness, diabetes, pneumonia or heart diseases, cerebral lesions or pregnancy, which could prevent him/her from driving and/or he/she is not aware of such situation of himself or herself or the person he/she is in charge with and who enters the track.

The Participant declares that he/she does not participate against any medical recommendation and that he/she was not diagnosed with a terminal illness which renders him/her inapt to drive/ride on the track.

The Participant is also responsible for the material damages to the race track and/ or the rented materials caused from his/her fault.

The Participant agrees that he/she fully understands the terms of this document and the reasons for which he/she was asked to sign the Personal Responsibility Statement and he/she confirms that he/she signs it by his/hers own free will and free of any influence.

Also, the Participant agrees that he/she understands this sport and all the connected activities and he/she understands that these are not risk-free so he/she accepts the responsibility regarding his/hers own safety and the safety of those around him/her in a cautious manner and aware at any time spent on the track.

The Participant understands that I will abstain himself/ herself from participating if he/she does not agree to accept the risks involved.

The Participant declares that in case he/she feels physically or mentally indisposed or if he/she suffers a lesion or any type of injury, he/she will immediately notify the authorized representative of the location where the activity takes place. As follows, he/she will end any activity if he/she considers or if so instructed by the officials of the race track.


This is a translation from Romanian language, only for information purposes.